Casa del Filato was established in 1962 as a small familiar company and quickly she develop a carded yarn production using in own industrial spinning machines.

In the years macchinari bnwith tenacity, passion and seriousness, Casa del Filato is stated on the domestic and abroad market, collaborating with the best world brands for knits and weaving.

Actually, Casa del Filato uses own productions and of a valid contributor group in order to satisfy the needs of his customers.
The big part of our qualities are produced with selected and precious fibers, from Cashmere to Silk, from Wool to Angora.
Our company offers to the customers a large stock service on a big part of the whole production, this is really appreciated from the market.
In the last seasons, Casa del Filato has added to his historical production of carded yarn, the line "Fly in Style" of fancy yarn for Spring/Summer.

This choice show the big will of Casa del Filato, to grow in and gives the best service and quality to his customers