Since 1962

The company

Casa del Filato was founded as a small family business in 1962. After the acquisition of machineries, the company rapidly specialized in the production of carded yarns.

Year after year, Casa del Filato established its national and international presence, thanks to a superior passion and reliability and to the collaborations with the most famous and premium global knitwear brands and knitters.

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Made in Italy

In a more and more competitive scenario full of threats for the craftsmanship, especially the Made in Italy one, Casa del Filato emerges as a certainty and point of reference in the sector. Founded in 1962, during the peak of the Florence economic boom, the company has developed its strong legacy with the handicraft, mastering its production for the sake of the Made in Italy. In this way it created a unique and recognizable identity both in the Italian and the international markets, gathering fundamental collaborations and partnerships in the weaving and knitting fields all around the world.

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Artigianalità Made in Italy



Cashmere, silk, wool, angora, cotton, viscose: all the fibers used and the range of our yarns tell a lot about who we are. The great part of our production is based on the carded spinning using these premium fibers. Our main goal is always to guarantee and supply a high-quality product thanks to the use of the finest raw materials, after a detailed and thorough selection. Casa del Filato has its own plant and machineries: the meticulous know-how and the attention for their maintenance allow us to work thoughtlessly and safely, focusing our energy on a continuous development and specialization. Every step, from the dyeing and the fiber assembling, to the yarn preparation, spinning and packaging, is entirely followed by us.

Filati Lana
Filati Cashemere
Filati cotone
Filati angora
Filati viscosa
Filati seta
I nostri filati

Our Yarns

During the years, our company has adapted to the continuous change of the fashion trends, always keeping up with the new technologies and the progress: this has been possible thanks to a constant research and attention towards the innovation, beyond the creativity, with a meticulous care for the customers’ needs. This allowed us to concretely satisfy the growing market, with a vast supply and diversification of our yarns. Each knitting machine we own is indeed set up to produce high quality products.

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Our Yarns
Our Yarns
Our Yarns

Modernity, creativity and progress



Our collections reflect our company’s soul: precious yarns born from the Casa del Filato’s inner creativity and historicity. These characteristics belong to the company from generations to generations, letting it become the company as we know it.

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